Case Interview Prep

What is a Case Interview?
This is a comprehensive guide to case interview basics. If you are just starting out on your case interview journey this is the first thing you should read. You will learn what it is, how it is different from a regular job interview, who uses them, why they are used, the types of case interview formats and the difference between them.

How to Get a Case Interview
This is a comprehensive guide on how to get a case interview. Learn how to market yourself through your resume and cover letter so that you will get the interview. Also, find tips and strategies that you can use to network with people in the firm or position that you are applying for.

What Case Interviewer’s Look For
This is a comprehensive guide on what a case interviewer is looking for from a case interview candidate. This is a must read if you have an interview coming up. Learn what skills you need to display in a case interview in order to impress your interviewer.

How to Prepare for a Case Interview
This is a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for a case interview. Learn the skills and tools needed to master the case interview and how to utilize these skills to perform at your best during the case interview.

How to Practice for the Case Interview
Learn the Skills and Tips on you can successfully practice for your case interview in my bude to the skills and tips necessary for the case interview.

Examples and Resources to Practice for the Case Interview
Discover the best resources and examples that you can use in your case interview practice

How to Successfully Perform a Case Interview
This is a comprehensive guide on how to perform your best on the case interview. Learn the skills you need and resources to help you improve your performance skills so you can ace the case.

Articles with tips and suggestions for succeeding in the case interview process.

Videos and Downloads
My 6 hours of case interview video tutorial videos, handouts and guide.

Case Interview Book
My book revealing how to get multiple job offers in consulting. I suggest this as the first step resource for anyone starting the case interview prep process.

How to Get an Interview
My guide on how to network with the right people at the right time to get a management consulting interview

McKinsey PST
My Definitive Guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST)

Insider Secrets
This program is a unique opportunity to get the inside scoop on the case interview from the perspective of the interviewers — what their pet peeves are, what impresses them, and what doesn’t.

Listen in on case interviews with 22 different candidates. For each example case, you'll here from a variety of caliber of candidates. You will hear with extreme clarity the precise difference between case interview answers that got candidates offers from.

Case Interview Coaching
Practice live with a former McKinsey, Bain or BCG coach. coaches are hand-picked and trained by Victor Cheng. All coaches are well-versed in both the interviewer-led and candidate-led interview and you get to choose which coach you would like to work with.