The following is a success story from a student who recently received an offer from Monitor Deloitte and his tips for consulting interview success.

Success Story:

Here is the short and sweet version of my story (longer version below):

  • Doctoral student applies for McKinsey APD— rejected
  • Decides to be a “good” PhD and consider academia
  • Two years later, decides being a consultant is a “great” PhD decision
  • Networks, networks, networks after missing most campus recruiting deadlines
  • Applies to firms online, sends more cover letters with every rejection
  • Rejected from all 10 applications submitted online. This is the motivation for what happens next:
  • Studies everything in print about management consulting once finding out Deloitte is still recruiting on campus
  • Finds your website one week before back to back case interviews
  • Digests and absorbs your breakdown of the “how and why” behind your directives
  • Uses this information to survive the case interviews
  • Has accepted an offer with Deloitte
  • Will be switching to your e-newsletter for new consultants!

I’d always thought of becoming a consultant but wasn’t really sure of how to make the switch. I applied to McKinsey’s APD program while working on my doctorate but was not accepted. I forgot about firm ambitions and started focusing on academia. Fast forward two years, I now spent a lot of time thinking about starting my own firm and building from the ground up.

Eventually, I started talking to my network about my interests, and decided to pursue work with the major firm. The recruiting season came at a very busy time for me. I’d missed most of the campus recruiting windows for major firms. I started out applying to two firms online. Whenever one would reject me, I’d send another two or three out. I eventually got up to 10 applications (which garnered 10 rejections or non-responses).

However, when Monitor Deloitte came to campus, I attended a case study workshop and sent my resume in. Since I’d been rejected from the other 10 firms, I knew to take this opportunity seriously.

I lived and breathed case study interview preparation articles, books, websites, and whatever I could get my hands on, practicing by myself (I would later find out about groups for PhD students interested in consulting — useful for this purpose!!).

I found your site, literally a week or so before my case study interview. I read and dissected any information I could glean from your website and emails. The difference about your resources is that you teach the purpose behind every directive.

While I couldn’t digest every framework, I was able to absorb the “how and why” of your approach. I truly can point to specific pieces of advice you gave that saved me in my case interviews (bottom line: does the manner in which you address this question/problem demonstrate that can you be trusted with the client?).

A dizzying few months later, I am astounded to say that I will be starting my career with Monitor Deloitte. I’m so happy to hear that you are starting a e-newsletter for first year consultants, as I’ve continued to read your emails every day… believing they would help me to become a better consultant.